Underground and Aerial Applications

Coax core ejection is the simplest and least costly way to deploy fiber in your network. Here are a half dozen examples of how network owners are generating additional revenue, reducing or completely avoiding construction and maintenance costs or competing with fiber to the home providers by adding new capacity.

  • Cell site backhaul fiber extensions and ring closures for high value, new revenue opportunities.
  • Commercial property fiber extensions and ring closures to create protected services opportunities.
  • Aerial upgrade programs, including highway crossings, where pole loading won’t permit over-lashing or where permitting costs are excessive.
  • Node splits for up and downstream bandwidth expansion to increase high speed data and video on demand capacity.
  • Node segmentation and RF active reductions to N+1 or N+0 for up and downstream bandwidth expansion and operating expense reductions.
  • Fiber to the building or home upgrades for maximum bandwidth expansion and network operating expense savings.