As we go to work in your neighborhoods Deep Fiber Solutions is your responsible partner. From hiring locally to recycling the polyethylene we eject from coax cables, we are focused on leaving a community better than we found it.

  • Reducing Power Consumption — Enabling cable operators to deploy fiber optics deeper in their networks reduces power consumption by eliminating many electronic devices.
  • Recycling Polyethylene – After we eject the foam core and center conductor from coaxial cables we recycle it.
  • Clean Diesel Engines – Our advanced Ford, F-350 diesel-powered trucks use a new fuel injector to produce a cleaner exhaust.
  • A high volume, high psi air compressor is integrated with our F-350 mobile factory which eliminates the need for a diesel-powered tow-behind compressor and the exhaust of a second engine.
  • Biodegradable Fluid – The fluid we use is completely safe. In fact, it’s biodegradable. And, we recover and reuse it.
  • Protecting the Landscape – Typically the only time we need to dig is when we discover damage to the buried cable in your yard. When we find one of these problems we minimize the digging and make every effort to restore your lawn to its original condition.
  • Creating Local Jobs – We prefer to hire locally. We support the communities where we work. We’re your neighbors.
  • Putting an Existing Asset to More Productive Use — We make it possible for a cable operator to recycle an asset that’s already in the ground by converting coax cables to ready-made conduits for micro-core fiber optic cable installation.