Can you use an abandoned or inactive cable?

An abandoned or inactive cable is always our first choice; ejecting the core from one of these cables eliminates the need for temporary coax or fiber service.

Can you scale to meet my requirements?

Deep Fiber Solutions is prepared to mobilize a crew with as little as 12 weeks’ notice.

Are underground splices a problem?

We identify an underground splice using a time domain reflectometer, pothole the location, then remove the splice and insert a sleeve in its place.

What about network powering?

Downstream devices like nodes, RFoG taps or other actives can be powered by a hybrid fiber and copper cable design.

How does Deep Fiber Solutions minimize splice points?

A 10’ polyethylene pipe is looped to join the ends of the empty coax tubes at pedestal locations to maximize cable lengths and minimize figure eights and fiber splice points.

How would I use Deep Fiber Solutions if my network is exclusively cable in conduit?

Existing conduits can clog with sand, mud and other debris which can make removal of the coax difficult or more costly.